Julia Loewen


Family: Our three beautiful grandchildren are becoming more fun with each passing day -- watching how each one has their own personality and gifts.

Speaking/Singing: I will be speaking/singing on occasion, as I feel is appropriate. I still miss giving recitals, but it was a joy to the last note.

Prison Visits: My main focus now is that I visit prisons once a week. It is my great privilege to be involved in the lives of people deeply loved by God. They are an inspiration to me.

Lessons: I continue to give voice lessons. It is wonderful to watch these young people blossom and flourish. I also continue to take both voice and piano lessons, for my own enjoyment.

Summer Plans: There will be some teaching, travel, theatre, camp, gardening, enjoying the family -- and hopefully, warmer weather.

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Julia Loewen's enthusiasm for life and the obvious health of her total being never fails to inspire her listeners. Her inspiration comes from a place deep in her soul, a place once so broken it seemed nothing could mend it.

For years Julia limped through life, her personality and emotions scarred from an abusive childhood. Her father, a physician, used humiliation as a tool to torment his wife and their children. Julia's mother made it clear to Julia that Julia was unfit to love. Any love shown to Julia was deeply resented by her mother.

In her mid-teens, Julia became a member of her church youth group. While her mother was in the final stages of cancer, Julia sought counsel from the leader of that group. This minister, a trusted father figure sexually assaulted her, then used her for sexual gratification for a period of time. This abuse only confirmed Julia's already low opinion of herself. Angry at her real father, grieving over the death of her mother and wounded by the abuse at church, Julia eventually cut ties with her family. During her twenties, as her lifestyle continued to be increasingly problematic, a minister told Julia that she'd never be right with God.

At age thirty-two she met and married John. They moved to a remote area of Eastern Canada. Alone a lot, Julia began reading the Bible. Through audio cassettes, she began to understand that if you are hungry for God, you are a candidate for His transforming love and forgiveness. Cautiously she prayed to God, a relative Stranger, to come close, to forgive her many sins, and to take charge of her life. God did exactly that.

Gradual life-changing transformation followed. As her personality came alive, Julia's interest in music returned. She returned to school and is now performing, writing and teaching music. When Julia is invited to speak, she also shares her music. "I want people to know that what Jesus did for me, He'll do for them," she says.

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